Immerse in Winter Wonderland at Emporium Mall

Get ready to experience the magic of the season at Emporium Mall, where festive cheer and winter delights come together for a joyful celebration. From enchanting Christmas decor to exclusive shopping rewards, we invite you to immerse yourself in the spirit of the holidays.

Step into a world adorned with the warmth of Christmas and winter-themed decorations., the entire mall is transformed into a Winter Wonderland for you to enjoy from 20th December till 31st January.


Your Gateway to Winter Extravaganza!

Walk through the snowlicious Main Atrium, where unique attractions await. Enjoy your retail experience with the coolest seasonal looks, accessories, and essentials from 300+ brands. On a minimum shopping spree of Rs 25,000, treat yourself to a complimentary hi-tea buffet voucher from the Nishat Hotel. And for those who indulge in a shopping spree of Rs 50,000 or more, savor the festivities with a free dinner buffet voucher.


Savor the Flavors of Winter!

Your shopping rewards extend beyond shopping in the mall! Relish the season’s flavors at the largest food court, where the aroma of flavors will add joy to your visit. Also, if you spend PKR 25000, you can avail yourself of an exquisite hi-tea buffet, or on PKR 50,000, one free lavish dinner buffet can be enjoyed at the Nishat Hotel.

It’s our way of adding a touch of culinary delight to your festive celebrations. Rush over and spread the joys.


Adventure Awaits at Fun Factory Park!

Freeze the day and embark on an adventurous journey at Fun Factory Park. Plan a family trip to enjoy the thrilling rides and exciting games to claim the Nishat Hotel’s free Hi-Tea & dinner buffet vouchers. On spending PKR 25000 or PKR 50,000 on your funtastic journey in Fun Factory, get served with free Nishat’s delights. Isn’t it cool this winter? Rush Over!


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This festive season, Emporium Mall is not just a shopping destination; it’s a celebration of winter joy and holiday spirit. Join us for a magical experience filled with shopping, dining, and the season’s warmth. Make this winter special with Emporium Mall from 20th Dec till 31st January.