Dread the dark within Emporium’s Carnival of Horrors!

Haunting Hour Alert! Emporium Mall brings a Halloween – Carnival of Horrors to let you face your fears. Take a flight into the depth of fear where a spine-tingling experience of the deadly creatures, monsters all over, spooky dolls, and the hanging skulls of the evil dead will make you scream for escape.

Spooky chills in the dark and all things eerie present an unforgettable celebration of Halloween, happening at Emporium Mall from 6th October till 1st November.


Spooktacular Shopping Experience!

Dive into the Dark Abyss of season-end discounts! Unearth nerve-racking deals at all your favorite fashion brands in Emporium Mall. Grab the classic Eastern, chic Western looks, or shop the home accessories for just Rs 10,000 to enter free in the world of horrors, spooky adventures, scary creatures, monsters, and much more in the Halloween – Carnival of Horrors in the Main Atrium or else buy a ticket for Rs 500 per person and enter the Carnival of Horrors, where hanging skulls of the evil dead, walking dolls and ghouls of the ghosts will shiver down your spine.


Creepin’ It Real – Yikes! Its Halloween!

Feast your fears this October as Emporium Mall witches you a happy Halloween!

Grab your favorite meals from the largest food court, where your tastebuds can explore a heap of steal deals on burgers, pastas, desi, ice-creams, and much more. With every meal, you’ll be one step closer to a hauntingly good time. Remember, spend Rs 10,000 or more; your ticket to the Carnival of Horrors is on us. Dare to dine? Hurry Up!


Embark on Un-BOO-lievable Fun-ventures!

Get Halloween ready as the festivities are in full swing in Emporium Mall. All things scary are coming up to give you nightmares. Wanna know the real thrill? Fun Factory Park explodes the fun. Get your fun card charged for PKR 10,000, enjoy a heap of exciting games and rides in the fun-tastic zones with your kids, and claim a free entry to the Carnival of Horrors in the main Atrium, where you can find everything spooky.


Terror in the house! Watch the latest movies!

Spooktacular shows and movies are live in Universal Cinema at Emporium Mall to give you a hair-raising, spine-tingling & brain-teasing thriller of all time. Catch the latest hits and buy tickets for your family or friends, as spending for Rs 10,000 or more will get you a free entry to the Halloween – Carnival of Horrors in the Main Atrium at Emporium Mall.


Spot the famous icons in the Carnival of Horrors!

Who dares to embrace Halloween like these bloggers? Will it be you? Join us, dare to delve into darkness, shop, eat, and play for Rs 10,000, and get a free entry to the bone-chilling Halloween realm. Capture eerie moments with the lurking demons and etch terrifying memories only at Emporium Mall from 6th October till 1st November.