Shop, Solve, Win! Explore The Amaze Maze!

Experience a shopping adventure like never before with Emporium Mall and get thrilled with the exciting “The Amaze Maze” – a unique setup set to make your visit to Emporium Mall unforgettable. Imagine combining the excitement of shopping with the intrigue of puzzles, all in one place. After you’ve conquered puzzles, move ahead, where the thrill amplifies. Feel the rush on the Masked Buzzer challenge, find your rhythm at Beat the Beat, explore infinite possibilities in the Infinity Room filled with keys, and let loose with Roll & Slide Out.

Only shopping for Rs 10,000 or more will get you a free entry to an extraordinary journey filled with brain-teasing puzzles and immersive experiences. Or buy a ticket for Rs 500 per person.

That’s not all – scroll down to discover the incredible attractions of The Amaze Maze happening In Emporium Mall from 1st September till 21st.


Shop & Beyond! Unveil the retail bliss!

Indulge in a shopping extravaganza at Emporium Mall, where a new dimension of excitement awaits – The Amaze Maze. Imagine strolling through the latest fashion trends, exploring a bag of enchanting accessories, and shopping for a range of ideal home decor items while an exciting adventure lingers. Only on shopping for Rs 10,000 or more, unlock a free entry to The Amaze Maze, where every twist and turn presents a captivating puzzle to unravel. Seamlessly merging retail therapy with mental exhilaration, this fusion promises a shopping journey like never before. Visit from 1st till 21st September!


Fuel up with flavorful bliss from the Food Court

After spending an exciting journey full of shopping and exploring the world of the incredible Amaze Maze, refill your energies with delectable culinary delights from the food court. Order your favorite meals from any 40+ food outlets where taste is served. There’s something for every taste bud, from savory to sweet.

Emporium Mall food court is an ideal space for visitors to relish the memories they’ve made, whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a leisurely dining experience. It has everything for everyone.


Extend the fun adventures at the Fun Factory Park.

The excitement doesn’t end with shopping and solving puzzles. Make your way to the Fun Factory Park, where the adventure continues with various thrilling attractions. And the best part? The synergy between The Amaze Maze and the park is seamless. Whether you’re seeking heart-pounding excitement or lighthearted fun with family, the Fun Factory Park is your destination for a complete day of entertainment. Just spend Rs 10,000 and get a free entry to The Amaze Maze setup, or buy a ticket for Rs 500. From 1st till 21st September.


Catch up with your favorite bloggers!

Emporium Mall is an all-time favorite attraction for bloggers to capture their enchanting moments. Follow your favorite bloggers strolling through the mind-blowing world of The Amaze Maze and enjoy the thrilling experience like never before. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to avail of a free entry to The Amaze Maze by just spending Rs 10,000 in mall, or if you’re not a shopaholic, buy a ticket for Rs 500 to get an entry.

From 1st till 21st September, mark the dates!