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Welcome to the world of opulence with our exclusive Loyalty Card – your key to a realm of unparalleled privileges, extraordinary perks, and the epitome of prestige. More than just a card, it’s your ticket to a regal lifestyle.


As the valued member of our Loyalty Club, you’ll bask in the glory of exclusive discounts and offers meticulously tailored to your needs. Dive into a world of the finest shopping, indulge in exquisite dining experiences, revel in captivating entertainment, FREE Parking on every visit, and so much more – within your grasp.


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There is free parking for the whole year as per the validity of the card.

Brand Name Discount
Adoro 10%
Ahmed Watches 10%
Almas 10%
Alita Accessories 15%
Anzay Jewellery 10%
AppleMan 30%
Bacha Party 10%
Beyond East 10%
Case King 10%
Cell Spot 10%
Declare 10%
Diner’s 15%
Eye Savers 15%
Equator 10%
Forecast 10%
Gadget House 10%
Haroon’s Designer 10%
Hunza Candle 15%
Hyundai Nishat (on services) 10%
Kross Kulture 5%
Logo Shoes 10%
MEME 15%
Misbah Asghar 10%
MugArt 12%
Nakoosh 15%
Nishat Linen 10%
Nishat Boutique 10%
OWS 10%
Pakistan watch Center 10%
Punjab Optics 15%
Punjab Medical Store 5%
Rafiq Sons 10%
Saeed Ghani 15%
Saya 10%
Sequin 10%
Sohaye 10%
Spotlight 15%
Strings Book Shop 10%
Syra’s Atelier 10%
Vohra & Saigol 10% on Rtw
Zero 10%
Brand Name Discount
Big Moes 10%
BPC 10%
Burger Lab 20%
California Pizza 40%
ETO 10%
Gloria Jeans 10%
Icecurl 20%
Juicy Chuck 15%
Mangal 10%
Popeye’s Chicken 20%
Pizza Hut 10%
Platter Junction 10%
Patata 15%
Ranchers 10%
SM Deserts 20%
Sugar Villa 15%
Shakemania 15%
Saudi Broast 20%
Tawa Chatkhara 10%
Timmy’s 20%
The Wok 10%
Wacky’s 10%

10% extra balance in Fun Factory Card

15% Discount on Hotel Hi-Tea.
15% Discount at Nishat Bakery.
15% Discount at Bistro Nishat Hotel.
15% Discount at La Cucina Nishat Hotel.
15% Discount on Room Bookings (Best Available Rate).

Terms & Conditions


  • The Loyalty Card will be delivered to the customer once the 100% payment is made.
  • Emporium Mall management reserves the right to act against expired or fake card will be terminated.

Privacy Policy


  • We respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information.
  • This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and safeguard your data with the Emporium Loyalty Card program.

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