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Welcome to the world of opulence with our exclusive Loyalty Card – your key to a realm of unparalleled privileges, extraordinary perks, and the epitome of prestige. More than just a card, it’s your ticket to a regal lifestyle.


As the valued member of our Loyalty Club, you’ll bask in the glory of exclusive discounts and offers meticulously tailored to your needs. Dive into a world of the finest shopping, indulge in exquisite dining experiences, revel in captivating entertainment, FREE Parking on every visit, and so much more – within your grasp.


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1. What is the Emporium Mall Loyalty Card?

Answer: The Emporium Mall loyalty Card is your ticket to a world of perks. This loyalty card allows you to avail exciting discounts at your favorite fashion brands, eateries, the Fun Factory Park, and the hotel.

2. Can you explain the mechanics of using the card?

Answer: Certainly! It’s a simple process. Begin with a Customer Check-In when you visit a shop.
If you have the card, the cashier will swipe it, and voilà – you enjoy a discount. If you do not have a card, proceed to the POS for invoicing. The cashier follows the standard billing procedure.

3. On Which brands discounts can be enjoyed with the Emporium Card?

Answer: You’re in for a treat! You can get discounts on wide array of brands within the Emporium Mall. For details visit Offers & Discounts

4. Is there a limit to the discounts I can get on each brand?

Answer: Discount Caps are applied on each brand. For more details, click Offers & Discounts.

5. How much does the Emporium Loyalty Card cost?

Answer: To join the loyalty club, you can get your Emporium Mall Loyalty Card for just PKR 10,000 + tax.

6. What is the Mode of payment for Emporium Loyalty Card?

Answer. You can choose a mode of payment option in the registration form.

1. Cash On Delivery: Make payments once the card is delivered.
2. Online Payment: After you select the online payment method, you’ll be transported to the Get a card webpage, where you’ll be asked to fill out a payment form and make a transaction via your debit/credit card. Once the transaction is successfully made, you’ll receive a THANK YOU message at your contact number.
3. Self- Pay: Make transaction of your payment in person to the customer service desk at Emporium Mall.

7. Do I need to be present with the card to avail discounts on brands or anyone on my behalf can use the card?

Answer: To avail of those discounts, the card owner must present the card themselves when invoicing.

8. What happens If my card gets lost, stolen, or damaged?

Answer. If your card gets lost, stolen, or damaged, First, you need to inform our Representatives at the help desk via a call or a visit. A cancellation request will be generated, and your card will be instantly blocked. A new card will be issued by paying a fee of PKR 1000.

9. What happens if my card is not working or faulty?

Answer. Faulty/Defective cards will be replaced free of cost by presenting the card at the customer service desk; returning the defective card will be a must.

10. Is there any Age limit on the Card Purchase?

Answer: There is No Age Limit! However, if a Minor wants to purchase the card and does not carry a smart ID card, he/she will be allowed to buy the card on the Parent/guardian’s ID card, but the picture will be pasted of his or her own.

11. Is there any perk of Loyalty Card for Parking Facility?

Answer. Absolutely Yes! On your every visit to Emporium Mall & Nishat Hotel, you can enjoy a FREE Parking Facility by presenting the card on the parking entrance.

12. How can I get an Emporium Loyalty Card?

Answer: It’s easy! Call us on +92 42 3259 2100 or visit the Emporium Mall customer service desk to request your loyalty card.

13. What customer details are required for the card generation process?

Answer: Customer Name [XYZ]
Customer Picture [Passport Size]
Contact No: [XYZ]
Email Address: [XYZ]
Mailing Address: [XYZ]
Preferred Payment Method: [XYZ]
Preferred Collection Method: [By Mail/Self-Pickup]

14. How can I receive/collect my loyalty card?

Answer: You will have the flexibility to choose how you receive your loyalty card based on your convenience. When registering for the loyalty card, you can opt for one of the following options:
1. Mailing Address: We can send your loyalty card to the mailing address you provide during registration.
2. Self-Pickup: Alternatively, you can choose to collect your loyalty card in person.
The choice is yours, and you can select the option that best suits your preferences during the registration process.

15. Within how many days can I expect to receive my loyalty card?

Answer: Anticipate a delivery time of approximately Seven working days to have your card in your possession.

16. What are the contact details to request an Emporium Loyalty Card?

Answer: For inquiries about the loyalty program, dial 042-32592100 or +92-3416666626.

Privacy Policy


  • We respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information.
  • This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and safeguard your data with the Emporium Loyalty Card program.

Discounts & offers


  • There is free parking for the whole year as per the validity of the card.
  • 10% extra balance in Fun Factory Card
  • A 15% Discount on Hotel Hi-Tea.
  • A 15% Discount at Nishat Bakery.

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