Diversity of operations is the reason why The Nishat Group is Pakistan’s biggest corporate entity. Operating in production, financial and service sectors, it is a major contributor to core areas of business as versatile as textile, cement, power generation, hospitality, banking and insurance, and real estate development. This is the most challenging venture the Nishat Group has ever undertaken so relax, enjoy and experience true pleasure, as it is you and the world of Emporium.

The Group’s legacy spans well over 60 years, wherein it has continued to hold its nerve and invest in the economy to become a name that evokes trust, ensures reliability and delivers efficaciously. Nishat Mills stands as the largest textile composite unit in Pakistan to date and the MCB Bank is recognized as the country’s most dependable financial institution. In addition to its long established track record of successful businesses, The Nishat Group has always pioneered the way in more avant-garde pursuits, most recently introducing exceptional prospects in the hospitality industry with the launch of The Nishat Hotel and Properties, a sister hotel of London’s most premier hotel and club, The St. James Hotel and Club. The Emporium Mall shopping complex will usher the consumers and clients into a world of modern lifestyle and this will be just the beginning.

Placing its weight behind the right kind of people inspiring their talent and exposing their potential, The Nishat Group has gained a keener understanding of market demands and requirements for the 21st century individual, which is why The Nishat Group is all about being the embodiment of royal luxury in all key areas of public expectations.