Marking another milestone in the proud history of the Nishat Group’s contribution to the progressive ideals that lie at the very heart of Pakistan’s industrial effort, with a great sense of pride I am pleased to announce yet another exciting new project. Aiming to regenerate consumer vitality and cultivate an interest in premium retail experience, the Nishat Group has undertaken work on Pakistan’s grandest shopping mall – The Emporium Mall that is advancing at a remarkable pace. This landmark project will change the commercial face of the city and make it a destination of interest for people across the country.

Covering an area of 2.7 million square feet, The Emporium Mall will be home to almost all leading business sectors from high fashion and accessories, home décor and groceries to leisure and recreation. In addition to the shopping complex, the development also houses a boutique hotel that would exceed international gold standards alongside a large banqueting facility to host business congregations and warm gatherings, providing the client and the customer with a host of opportunities. Located at the very heart of The Emporium Mall’s unique experience would be the Nishat Group’s commitment to quality and compliance to international standards.

The Nishat Group believes in investing in people, building sound infrastructure and opening new doors to growth and investment. Working to enhance the integrity of a sound business culture and honor the right of every individual to live as part of the developed and forward looking world, The Emporium Mall is more than just a shopping experience – it is an extension of a new lifestyle.