Winter 2016: Fashion trends for women

This winter is all about graphic black and whites. From geometric patterns to zebra prints and psychedelic checks and diamonds, 2016 is all about keeping it bold and minimal. Also, the warm and vintage look of plaids is making a comeback as one can see plaids sprinkled across most powerhouse fashion brands.

Here we put together a list of some must have fashion essentials trending this year, trends that are gaining momentum, making rounds in international fashion weeks and runways all across the globe.

Must have Colors:

Graphic Black and White


Marshmallow Pastels

Must have Textures:


Marled Knit


Must have Styles:


Folk Patchwork

Must have Items:

Skinny Leather Gloves

Half-moon Bags

Puffer Jackets

Button Front Miniskirts


Turtle Necks

Camel Coats