Site visit by Thomas Drew, British High Commissioner to Pakistan

His Highness Thomas Drew, the newly appointed British High Commissioner to Pakistan, who visited the site on the first of April 2016, was pleasantly surprised and completely wowed by Emporium Mall and our progress. To our delight, he told us that this project is a remarkable addition to Pakistan’s economy as it opens up more avenues for foreign investment within the country, while also changing Pakistan’s perception in the western world from a place of security concerns to a place of optimism, a place of potential and a place of hope. He said he’s impressed with what we have managed to achieve and he would like see further development of this kind in the future, which is encouraging for us to say the least. Pakistan is a huge, untapped market and Emporium Mall is paving way for this market to be explored and developed.

"It’s projects like these which overcome the perception that will in the end pull Pakistan out of the perception as a place of security concerns, and instead be seen as a place of hope, a place of potential and that’s a huge market so congratulations on what you’ve done so far."

We are pleased to share his interest and excitement with our retailers, as we get closer and closer to our launch date.