British High Commissioner's visit to Emporium Mall

Philip Barton, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, visited Emporium Mall, soon to be Pakistan's largest shopping mall. Mian Mohammad Mansha led the event, which was an effort to strengthen ties between the Pakistani and British business sector, and to give an insight into the workings of the site.

"Stunning place for people to come together to shop and dine"

His Excellency emphasized the importance of projecting a positive image of Pakistan internationally, and applauded the Nishat Group's initiative in doing so. He also noted how Emporium Mall would be an aide in harmonizing the image of a new, progressive, developing Pakistan; To sum up, he regarded Emporium Mall as a colossal addition to Pakistan's cultural space and a "Stunning place for people to come together to shop and dine." Here's a sneak peak of the event with exclusive photos.

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